What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced: "ray-key") is a Japanese term for "universal life force energy"—the energy that creates and resides in us and everything around us.  

Reiki is a relaxing restorative practice that aids in self-healing.  It is channeled through the hands of a certified practitioner to a willing recipient and works to aid in stress reduction and emotional and physical well-being. Reiki is a complimentary and integrative supplement to any and all healing techniques and modalities. It does not conflict with medications, and it is safe for anyone at any age and even animals.

As integral and complementary healing (aka “alternative medicine”) become more common in helping people become healthy, Reiki is becoming more well known. More studies are being conducted to demonstrate the gentle yet effective benefits of Reiki.

Holy Fire® Reiki

Holy Fire® III Reiki is a high vibration of healing energy that will advance your practice and level of self-healing. The term Holy Fire® III is the “upgraded” energy since it was originally brought in 2014, by International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Holy Fire® works in conjunction with traditional Reiki energy and is safe and gentle for all who give and receive it. This loving energy works with our willingness and ability to self-heal. It is an ancient energy that is being reintroduced to our planet as we heal individually, collectively and heal Mother Earth. As the earth and inhabitants continue to raise in vibration and awaken in consciousness, the energy of Holy Fire® presents higher frequencies of itself from higher levels of consciousness to aid in the healing and awakening process of humanity. This energy is discussed at length in each of the classes. If you have more questions about Reiki, Holy Fire® or any of the classes, contact Jane.

Holy Fire® is a frequency of Reiki energy that is a more pure and refined energy than traditional Reiki. Holy Fire® provides powerful healing in a gentle way. It brings all the benefits of traditional Reiki but tends to be more quick, efficient and effective. Holy Fire® energy works immediately and often provides healing that is permanent.  The energy works with each person's free will and willingness to heal. For more information about Holy Fire® please click here or go to the IRCT website at reiki.org.

Benefits of Reiki may include:

  • Pain and symptom relief

  • Emotional release and healing; reduced worry & stress

  • Inner peace, joy & trust

  • Personal insight, guidance & change of mindset

  • Spiritual comfort & fulfillment

  • Improved sleep

  • An overall desire to make better choices

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