Reiki Level 1

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 is an introduction to Reiki to help you start practicing right away. No experience is necessary to take this course. You will learn the traditional Usui methods of practicing Reiki and will be equipped with the tools to use it on yourself and others. This class includes a Reiki book, supplementary guide and journal. This class is typically taught over two days (or offered the first day of a three day level 1 & 2 workshop).

Reiki Level 2

The level 2 course deepens your understanding of Reiki, how it works and equips you to start your own practice or increase healing of the self in many ways. Students must have received level one attunement/placement prior to taking this course. You will learn and memorize the sacred Reiki symbols, learn how to send distance Reiki, and conduct a professional session. You will receive a Reiki manual, supplementary guide and a journal. Level two is taught over the course of two days.

Advanced Reiki Training/Master Teacher

This in-depth course equips you with the ability to dramatically increase your current Reiki practice and self-healing. Students must have received level two attunement/placement six months prior to taking this course. This intensive workshop will give you advanced skills to use on clients or the self, and will equip you with the knowledge to teach Reiki if you so choose. Students will receive a Advanced Reiki Training/Master Teacher Training manual and journal. This course is taught in a three-day workshop.

More about holy fire

Holy Fire Reiki is a high vibration of healing energy that will advance your practice and level of self-healing. Holy Fire works in conjunction with traditional Reiki energy and is safe and gentle for all who give and receive it. This loving energy works with our willingness and ability to self-heal. It is an ancient energy that is being reintroduced to our planet as we heal individually, collectively and heal Mother Earth. If you have more questions about Reiki, Holy Fire or any of the classes, contact Jane.

All classes are held at the Living Free Healing Center in Chico, Ca unless otherwise specified.